banana sunchokes
Welcome to Foodforest NZ!

Based on the Purerua Peninsula in the beautiful
Bay of Islands, we are creating a sustainable regenerative landscape and food forest with off-grid lifestyle using permaculture principles.

Our climate is sub-tropical & coastal subject to summer cyclones and heavy rain events as well as being drought prone in the summer. The land was bought as a "gorse block" in 2011, and was almost completely covered in gorse, moth vine and tobacco weed with a few regenerating native trees (kanuka and manuka) starting to appear.

We now have a thriving foodforest which is evolving all the time, regenerating native bush which is home to the native Northern Brown Kiwi, fantail, tui, quail, pheasant, and many other coastal and land birds, flora and fauna. It is a work in progress - with lots yet to do, my overall design is here. Follow us on Instagram: @foodforestnz or Facebook.
pink hibiscus
forest garden
edible fruits and flowers
lemon tree
bunch of bananas